My Lord, My Valentine : Your love never gives up on me

February 06, 2013 Ezer Kenegdo 0 Comments

No, not ever!

Never ever will You give up on me.  You see the potential in me. You see all that I can be. You don’t give up when I’m rigid and difficult to mould. Not even when I stubbornly turn away from You.

You are my biggest fan, having faith in me when I have none in myself. Where would I be without this persevering love of Yours. That doesn’t give up when it’s not returned, not even when I reek of sin, nor when I’m miles away from who/where I should be.

I can never escape from it, i can trust it because it’ll always be there- gently encouraging me to be all i can be and more. Oh much more.

It’s too amazing for words, this love of Yours.

Yours forever

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