My Lord, My Valentine: Your Love does not demand it's own way with me

February 04, 2013 Ezer Kenegdo 0 Comments

Ps 18: 30 “God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true.”

Everything about You is perfect. You know everything, yet You force nothing on us, even though Your ways are ALWAYS right. Free will; just one of the many evidences of Your love for us means You force nothing on no one, but instead patiently wait for us to see the error of our ways. For us to turn to You the one true God- greater than all, Sovereign God.

Your ways are perfect. More than perfect. You are perfect. More than perfect.
It is Your gentle love that transforms us, not forceful ways like that of the world, that transforms us to who You desire for us to be- for who you desire for me to be. Even when I suffer rejection in the hands of the world, when they say I’m not good enough, when they say it’s their way or the high way, I know all of me is accepted by You. It’s not Your way or the high way. This love of Yours is magical.

Yours forever

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