My Lord, My Valentine : Your Love is Patient with me

February 01, 2013 Ezer Kenegdo 0 Comments

You called me when I was 8, and like the little girl I was I ran into Your arms, no questions asked. You saw me through so much. But then I grew, not in wisdom, but in stupidity, and told myself I didn't need You, not by my words but through my actions. All that sin seemed like much more fun than time with You. Now, I can’t believe I chose this world over You, A world that hurt me time and time again, fed me so many lies and changed in so many ways. But You, the Rock of my salvation patiently waited for me to see the error of my ways. When I lied, you were still waiting. When I cheated and took what was not meant for me, You were still waiting. When I committed unimaginable sin, You were still waiting. Patiently waiting for me to turn to You, the Love of my life, the Pillar that holds my life together.

I still remember that faithful day. It started like any other, but little did I know what lay in wait for me. I remember my walk on the bridge, leisurely strolling to the job You’d so graciously provided me with.  Then You reached out to touch me, to tug at my heart strings. When You flooded me with the awareness of You, the magnificent You. I burst into tears; I didn't know what to say. I felt so ashamed. All the things I’d done. The ways I’d hurt You and thrown Your love for me back in Your face.

What kind of love is this? It was I that went away. I who rejected Your ways. Yet for over 8 years You waited for me. Patiently waited for me to accept the love You so freely give. And on that day I came to you, so aware of what I’d done, it was You who wiped my tears whispered it’d be alright.

Even now, when I fall. When I do things I should know better than doing, You patiently correct me. With steady perseverance You graciously direct me. You are determined to make our relationship work; You don’t deal or correct me in anger but with this awesome love of Yours.

There’s nothing I've done, am doing or could ever do to deserve this unconditional love of Yours

Yours affectionately

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