Ps 150:6 "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord"

February 20, 2012 Ezer Kenegdo 0 Comments

We see in (Acts 16: 16-36) from the experience of Paul and Silas that Praise is one of the greatest tools used in defeating the enemy. Their joyful singing didn’t go unnoticed as the prisoners themselves began to listen. But more importantly, their worship reached the ears of the father who delighted in their sacrifice of thanksgiving and delighted in their praise. As a result, one prison guard and his entire family were saved that night with the gift of salvation and eternal life. Praise is a powerful weapon, many times in the Old testament, when Gods people would go into battle, they would send out the ‘Worshippers’ first. That is because praise precedes victory, which is why the enemy loves to silence the tongue of a worshipper.

What is praise?
Praise is more than just singing songs; it is a ‘heart attitude’. It’s not uncommon for praise in ones heart to prompt singing, but it can also manifest in many different ways such as our words and actions like telling others about the things God does. And it’s a whole lot more than lip service. This is not to say that the effect of ‘singing’ is in anyway reduced. I once read that ‘God created music and the composer only arranges it’. God is a great lover of music. Ps 100:2 urges us to ‘serve the Lord with gladness; come before His presence with singing’. In many instances, music is a natural expression of one’s joy and can also add meaning to a message by affecting the hearer through emotions. I remember a few years ago, on the day of my brothers graduation, I was waiting in a room with a friend who began to sing praises to God. A few seconds into the song, the stone faced receptionist began to smile. It really touched me because we had all been in that room for at least 30mins before he began to sing, and all through that time, the receptionist had been frowning and irritable. Heartfelt praise is a very beautiful thing.

Sacrifice of praise 
‘Sacrifice means to give up or offer something of value we would rather hold on to’. As humans, we find ourselves ‘being thankful’ in good times. When life is good, praise and thanksgiving flow freely from ones heart, then comes darker times and praise doesn’t flow as easily. However as Christians, these are the times when we need to praise God the most. Praise helps us focus on what God is going to do in our life, rather than keep focusing on the not so good happening in one’s life.....This is our sacrifice of praise. You may not feel like praising the Lord at every given instant of the day, but enough sin has probably been committed to require an burnt offering for atonement every instant of the day, but Good in his infinite mercy has rendered a burnt offering unnecessary. A few questions to think about;

How often each day do you praise him?

How often each day do you prise him when you don’t feel like?

How often each day do you praise him for dying on the cross for you?

So I urge you my brothers and sisters, as you go through your day, take time to acknowledge God. Remember to put him first and continually offer him praise. As praise goes up, his blessings, peace, joy and strength come down and overtake every area of your life. Also remember God wants our all, if we live in love and obedience to him, our songs- the fruit of our lips- will be a pleasing sacrifice of praise.

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