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Prov 22:29 "Do you see a person who is diligent in his work?He will serve kings."

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As Bidemi hurriedly tried to get dressed, she thought this was definitely one of the 'Spirit is willing but flesh is weak type moments'. She cringed remembering the all nighter she had just pulled at the office. It wasn't the fact that she knew that after only 3 hrs sleep, the day would be a tough one, what pained her was the fact that she wouldn't be able to have a proper 'quiet time' that morning and to her, that was the reason why her day would not be as good as it could be.

Almost tripping as she opened the door to leave the house, she whispered to herself 'note to self, do not try to wear your shoes while running'. Getting into the car, she shook her head as that annoying thought tried to creep in again, the one about her sucking it all up as she should be used to it by now.....in the past, she could handle the late nights, low pay and unfavourable working conditions, but as time passed, the worse it got and now it seemed to be affecting her spiritual life in a major way. Ever since Sister Olethea had told her that if she was too busy for God, she was more busy than He intended for her to be, she had tried to spend every free moment she had in His presence, and boooooyyyyyy it wasn't easy. 


She was off her seat even before she put the final full stop at the end of the report. She didn't want to be late for the meeting. But as she got to the car park, she wasn't surprised  to see that neither Mara or Rachel were there. So she popped in her earphones and passed the time by listening to the message she had attempted to listen to during the drive down to the office that morning. 

That was 30mins ago, now as she sipped her water slowly, she wished she hadn't decided to wait for them. No! Actually she wished see hadn't agreed to this meeting in the first place. She couldn't lie. She was tempted...technically it wasn't anything illegal and the benefits....ooooh the benefits. She shook her head, trying to rid herself of those thoughts. That was when she heard the whispering. 

Mara: See i told you we should have asked Ruby. Bidemi will now start giving us some holier than thou reasons, as if we are not all Christians. 

Rachel: Calm down ha! Lets hear her out first. 

*Rachel looks at Bidemi* 

Rachel: So as I was saying, it's a win- win for us all. WWF gets its fee income, while we get our bit on the side by providing the extra services to Roxy and not to forget, more favourable work hours, best of all it's not illegal. Oh and there's the possibility of employment with Roxy Ltd once the assignment is complete. Actually it's more than a possibility, it's a virtual certainty. 

Bidemi: Hmmm I'm flattered that you guys thought of me and it does all sound very appealing. But... 

 *Mara elbows Rachel* 

 Mara: Ehen shebi I told you. Madam holier than thou 

*Bidemi ignoring the comment* 

Bidemi: But, I don't think I'll be comfortable doing it. It just all sounds very unethical to me.

Oooooh how it pained her to say those words, but she knew it was the right thing to do. This was not how her break through would come. She may have grown to dislike her job at WWF, but she was no cheat and she refused to do business on the side with their clients, at the company's expense. 

That was the last she heard from Mara and Rachel. They had gotten Ruby on board and she heard that the 3 of them were living it up at Roxy Ltd. The 3 months consulting assignment had been extended to 5 months. Lucky them. Nothing had changed for her at WWF, thankfully it hadn't gotten worse either, because she really felt she was stretched to her limit already. These were the thoughts that were going through her mind when Mr Kwaliti's PA asked her to come to his office for an urgent meeting. 


As Mr Kwaliti introduced her to Mr Ngozi Obidike, a top Exec from WWWF's regional head office, she couldn't help but wonder what sort of parents would name their son Ngozi. 

Mr Obidike: Back in the day I had a friend called Bidemi, is yours short for Abidemi....or is it Olabidemi? 

Bidemi: No Sir, its Olubidemi 

Mr Obidike: Hmmmm,interesting. So you are a child born to wait on God. 

*Bidemi smiles* 

Mr Kwaliti: I was just telling Mr Obidike here that you are one Of the best employees we've got. Head office have a small project that they'd like us to execute, it's going to be a one man job. Since neither Mara, Rachel or Ruby are here........ 

Even though the thought going through her head was, 'chooooi! Maybe I should have gone with them Mara, cos this is really one chance!'. 

Instead she said.... 

Bidemi: That's no problem sir. 


2 months later. As she waited patiently to be called in by Mr Obidike's PA to present her report, she was going over in her head the speech she'd give her boss on her return to the office. She definitely needed time off. She had been running on empty for a while now and wasn't willing to break down before she did anything about it.

PA: He is ready for you Miss Badmos 


She realised she had been sitting in the car for close to 30mins, but she wouldn't drive. She knew she couldn't spend the whole day there praising God for this miracle, but she didn't want to risk not having the time later on. She had gone to Mr Obidike's office with the intention of presenting her report; instead he had presented her with a job offer straight from heaven! 


Upon returning to the WWF branch office 4 weeks later, to complete some papers with HR, she was surprised to see Mara, Rachel and Ruby back at their desks. 

Bidemi: Ahan, what happened? Thought you guys would have resumed work at Roxy by now. 

Ruby: Don't mind those silly people oh. Can you imagine they only extended the assignment because they wanted us to train the people they intended to employ for the position? Gosh! Only for them to show us the door once the project was complete. 


 Prov 22: 29 'Do you see a man who is diligent in his work? He will stand before kings. He will not stand before mere men.' 

Be reminded of Joseph as well as the parable of the talents. Sometimes when we are going through seemingly difficult job related experiences, we should remember that we are working for God and not man. As unfavourable as the circumstances might be, let us do the job to the best of our ability, by not cutting corners or not being less productive than we know we can be. Even if we think people cannot see, God sees all and believe He is faithful and just. 

Exodus 14:13b 'Do not be afraid. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today'

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