Learning to Communicate

March 13, 2012 Ezer Kenegdo 0 Comments

Communication, especially about my feelings is something that has never really come easy to me. This has affected the people in my life in different ways; some have been patient with me, while others have reacted in harsh ways that has hurt us both. I’m not perfect and I don’t wish I was (then I wouldn’t ‘need’ Christ), and if like me you have recognised your imperfection and want to take steps in addressing your communication challenges, you might find the 8 articles (from Focus on the Family) in the Learning to communicate series helpful.

Just a little encouragement- everyone grows/ improves/ develops at their own pace, let God be your motivation and strength. Commit all to Him - your fears, concerns and challenges and He’ll heal your heart and enable you to share and communicate in a way that glorifies Him. So don’t be discouraged - He’ll get you there.

May His word be lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path


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