She's Worth it

December 13, 2012 Ezer Kenegdo 0 Comments

“She’s worth it”..... those were the words my boss used to describe the ridiculous amount of money he just spent on an engagement ring (and that was after the 25% discount he got). I can tell you that I blushed on ‘her’ behalf- those are the words any girl would want to be described as by her significant other.


The conversation i had with him reminded me that even though we can be ‘worth it’ to someone today and ‘worthless’ to that same person tomorrow, our worth in God’s eyes NEVER changes. You and I are worth the life of His ONLY Son- we are worth the beating, the pain and suffering He endured.

The amazing thing is that we were worth all that even when we were at our worst- deep in our sin.

 If we are ‘worth it’ to God at all times, then we are worth it period!

Regardless of how that boss, that friend, that boyfriend, that husband....whoever it is makes you feel you are worth, remember that God says you ARE  ‘worth it’. If He says it then it MUST be true, because He gave the life of His Son for you.


Congratulations to my boss and his brand new wife to be.

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